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NO DUES DECEMBER - The sooner you join the more you SAVE

About Us

Your Success is Our Goal

 We understand that adapting new nutrition & fitness habits is difficult and often fails. Our goal is to change your view on health, so that exercising and eating right becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will achieve optimal health.  We customize plans for athletes, families and for weight loss.

Coaches Who Care

Our trainers and professional staff take your health & fitness goals seriously. We understand that recovering from an injury or surgery, losing weight or gaining muscle can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals.  We create a safe and fun environment so you get fast results and look forward to your next workout.  

Group Fitness Classes

Make Friends and Have Fun getting Fit in our affordable fitness classes.  You'll never get bored with classes like Yoga, Body Sculpt, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Turbo Kick, Werq, Zumba and more.   

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Additional Services

Nutrition & Health Coaching

Is Stress impacting your health?  Tired, run down, anxiety, not sleeping well, overweight, etc?  Lost your motivation?  Your hormones could be out of balance.  Request your Free Hormone Test or Health Consultation with Certified Health Coach, Shawn Bollig, to get the help you need to feel your absolute best. 

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Personal Training, Run Club, Athlete Classes & Boot Camps

Customized Programs just for you.  No matter if you need to learn how to lose weight fast, training for a 5k, looking to compete at a high level or recovering from an injury or surgery, our professional coaching staff will help you get better and faster results - guaranteed!

Weight Loss

20/30 FastTrack is DIFFERENT from any other program.  It addresses the 7 Hormones that prevent people from losing weight.  Register for a FREE Hormone Balancing Seminar Today!

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Tanning doesn't just make you look good, it's good for your health too. Sunlight is your body's helper when it comes to producing Vitamin D.  Unfortunately the majority of people are Vitamin D deficient.  Tanning will help boost your bodies Vitamin D levels.

Whole Food Supplements

 We all know there is a gap between what we should eat and what we actually do eat. Our Recommended Whole Food Supplements provide nutrition from fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, plants and algal oils, to help you bridge the gap to a healthy lifestyle. 

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Bring the kids with you while you work out, tan or take a class.  We have the only supervised playroom in town!  


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